About Lagos Days Paris Nights...


Genevieve Angelique is a creative entrepreneur, media personality and Black Boston aficionado. She is a blogger, freelance writer, photographer and one of the hosts of radio podcast Boston Come Through. Her career in media began in November 2016 with the start of her blog, Lagos Days Paris Nights, where her signature pieces were an engaging mix of fashion, and lifestyle posts. Through blogging, Genevieve found herself coming outside of her comfort zone and attending events with the intention of connecting with other creatives and entrepreneurs, but was disappointed in the lack of attention that many of these events received; specifically those by or for the multicultural black community of Greater Boston. It didn’t take long for Genevieve to decide that event coverage would be her niche, and thus propelled her into an event blogging and photography career.

To date, Genevieve has collaborated with Bel Monique Magazine as their former Travel & Lifestyle Editor (June 2017-January 2018) and currently contributes monthly pieces to their blog. You can occasionally find her takeing over Secret Boston’s Instagram stories as one of their social media ambassadors. In addition she has collaborated with other organizations including BREAD Boston and The Somerville Times.

Genevieve’s love and appreciation for the people, art, Black community and entrepreneurship that exists here in Boston has been the driving force behind her work. She found a way to combine all of these passions by birthing Boston Come Through, initially a weekly curated events listing but now a full fledged media website and radio podcast. You can listen to Boston Come Through every week at 9pm EST on bostonfreeradio.com.

Connect with Genevieve via email at lagosdaysparisnights@gmail.com, on Instagram or Twitter!